Sam Pratt


Sam served as a Fireman for over 15 years. During shifts he had the opportunity to inspect many commercial buildings before realizing he wanted to transition over to residential properties. While in the fire service, he witnessed countless homes with unserved defects that caused house fires. After repeatedly being called to aide families in distress, Sam decided he wanted to help people secure their most expensive investment, their homes. Sometimes the most minor household repairs lead to the destruction of a property. His goal is to make families aware of all issues so they can make an informed decision when purchasing a home.

Training & Certifications

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Verified Member 

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Continuous Traning 

Certified inspector with many years of experience in the respectable area and enjoy sharing expert knowledge with our customers.

Quality Profession

Knowledge brought over from one profession to another to add another element of safety and attention to details.  

Insured Company

A company that knows the important of being covered at all times!


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